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Wide range of skis and skiing

In our winter sport rental facillity in Vysne Ruzbachy we offer : Snowboards, Skis, Snowblades, Crosscountry Skis, Snowboarding and Skiing Boots, Helmets, Bicycles, Sledges, Bobsledges etc. We also offer a wide range of kids and junior sports equipment. Our Equipment is in a new or as new condition available in a wide range of sizes to fit every costumer. Addidtionally we are happy to consult any special requirements and make custom adjustments to our rental equipment.


-ski carving 
-junior ski 
-cross country ski
-ski freestyle


 with freestyle bindings Rossignol,Flow,Head,K2,


Salomon, Rosignol, Head, SH, Bollé, Blizzard, 3F, Zepelin,

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XTREME s.r.o.
Vyšné Ružbachy 287
065 02 Vyšné Ružbachy
Peter Marfiak tel.: + 421 / 908 644 133
Marek Pecuš tel.: + 421 / 949 850 323
Firma je zapísaná v OR PO 20624/P
GPS : 49.308512, 20.568005




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